Q. I already have a home office.
Isn’t this redundant?
A. The WorkClub is specifically designed to complement, not replace, your home office – or any other “anchor” location where you leave the bulk of your stuff, but find it inconvenient/unproductive to work at all the time. You choose how much time you spend working at home, and you come in when you need – for a change of scenery or for any one of the productivity services we offer.
Q. I’m considering an executive suite
office. How does this compare?
A. If you’re set on needing a space where you can store all your files, books and “stuff”, and where you can permanently locate a computer with a large screen, then an executive suite might be for you. However if you can fit most of what you need on a daily basis into a backpack, have a home office and enjoy working in vibrant places, then you’ll find that the WorkClub is distinctly more affordable and will offer you much more of what you want.
Q. Can I afford it? A. The WorkClub is the MOST AFFORDABLE solution available. It is designed to take advantage of existing overhead that you or your company already bear – your home office, your cell phone, your laptop computer - and supplementing only what you lack – social ambience, community, private workspace, ergonomic chairs, meeting rooms, professional image, helpful staff.
Q. How can you afford to make
the WorkClub so affordable to
your members?
A. When you or your company rents office space, you pay rent – and maintenance, and heating and cleaning - on it whether you’re using it or not, which, if you consider the total number of hours you work a day, minus time on the road, minus time in meetings, minus time traveling, minus time on vacation, minus time working at home….At the WorkClub, there’s always someone using the space – making it a more lively place to be, and allowing us to spread the costs out between more people.
Q. I have a corporate job.
Is this for me?
A. Forward looking corporations are increasingly offering flexwork options and distributed work programs that enable you to reduce burdensome commutes, keep hours that suit you (and your family) and work where it suits you – as long as it enhances your productivity. Research studies have repeatedly shown that these types of programs can enhance productivity by 10% - 20% and reduce corporate real estate costs dramatically.
Q. The WorkClub workstyle would
really work for me. How can I get my
employer to pay for it?
A. Inquire with your manager or HR department – your company may already have a telework or distributed work program which pays toward your telecommute infrastructure. If not, put us in touch with them and we’ll be happy to tell them about the benefits of such programs and even get them going on setting one up.
Q. What is included in my
membership fees?
A. That depends on the package you’re on. All members use of the reception lounge and desk from early in the morning till late at night, and on weekends, a prestige BV address and mailbox, phone number and email address. The comprehensive Preferred Package gives you:

• Unlimited use of the WorkCommons
• Unlimited use of privacy booths subject to availability
• 8 hours of meeting rooms use
• Conference room: 4 hours use included, 15% discount other times
• Complementary hot drink service:
• 100 free prints, 100 photocopies and 10 faxes.
• Deep discounts (from 15% - 50%) off all other ‘Club services
Q. What if I need to be on
the phone a lot?
A. We have designed our privacy booths just for you – these are small but comfortable rooms with lots of natural light – and sound proof – where you can go and shut the door and talk as loud as you like, secure in the privacy of your conversation, and comfortable that you will not be disturbing fellow members.
Q. Can I rent a lock up office
or workstation?
A. No. We will, however, provide you with a locker where you can leave the stuff that you need routinely so it is always available for you at the WorkClub. If that is simply not sufficient for you, we will refer you to a nearby executive suite.
Q. I already spend a lot of time
working in coffee shops.
Is the WorkClub for me?
A.I was working in a coffee shop, watching all the other people tapping on their laptops, talking on their cell phones and trying to hold a meeting when I first thought of the concept of the WorkClub. I thought, boy, we must all really NEED someplace to work really badly to be sitting here, in a place so poorly designed for work. So yes, WorkClub was designed very much with the coffee shop camper in mind. And we’ll throw in the coffee too!
Q. What is the WorkCommons™? A.This is where you’ll probably spend most of your time at the ‘Club. It is where you’ll find ergonomic workstations, cubes, lounge areas and privacy booths, where you’ll find our complementary coffee and tea bar – and where you’ll most likely bump into someone you know.
Q. Will someone be able to help me
if I have computer problems?
A.Yes. We have a tech specialist on site at regular hours or on call at the end of the phone line if you have an emergency.
Q. Where did the WorkClub
concept come from?
A.Neil Goldberg, the founder of WorkClub, is an award winning designer who spent many years in the office furniture industry studying how people and organizations like to work, and what makes them more comfortable and efficient. Then, as principal of his own design studio in San Francisco, and as an astute student of life, he noted the continued erosion of traditional corporations and the tremendous opportunities for innovation that are being presented by the internet, portable computing and mobile phones. Neil applied his desire to serve with his creative mind and entrepreneurial drive and developed a prototype WorkClub in Emeryville, CA in 2004. The visionary developers of Ballantyne Village immediately recognized the potential to push the envelope of service they were pioneering even further, and partnered with Neil to bring you WorkClub Charlotte.
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